How Far Can an Electric Car Go?


How Far Can an Electric Car Go?

Electric vehicles offer zero-emissions, eco-friendly performance that will make all your time spent on the road better than ever before. But as EVs become more popular, we know that local Volkswagen enthusiasts have many questions about their ranges and capabilities. So, if you’ve been wondering how far an EV can go or you want to learn more about VW electric vehicles, reach out to our Volkswagen dealership near St. Louis. The experts at Bommarito Volkswagen of Hazelwood are here to tell you all about electric car ranges, the closest EV charging stations in Missouri and so much more!

How Far Can an Electric Car Travel?

Electric vehicles can cover long distances without emitting any emissions. Electric car ranges can often exceed 200 miles on a full charge, as the Volkswagen ID.4 EV range more than tops this figure! Learn more about EV range and how far electric cars can go by meeting with the experts at our Hazelwood VW dealer.

How Often Does an EV Need to Be Charged?

How often an electric car needs to be recharged depends entirely on your driving habits and needs, as is the case with refueling a gas-powered car. If you don’t drive often, you may be able to charge your EV once every couple of days. If you have a long commute or spend a lot of time behind the wheel, though, it may be necessary to charge your vehicle overnight daily.

What Is the Volkswagen ID.4 EV Range?

If you’re searching for a family-friendly near St. Louis with impressive range, you’ll love the 2023 ID.4 SUV. The base Volkswagen ID.4 range reaches a maximum of 208 miles on a full charge, while the ID.4 Pro range reaches up to 275 miles. Or, if you’d prefer the enhanced traction of an ID.4 AWD Pro model, know that its range can reach up to 255 miles.

How Do I Charge My Volkswagen EV?

You can charge your Volkswagen electric vehicle with an at-home charging kit or at public EV charging stations located throughout the country. Plus, every 2023 ID.4 EV comes with three years of 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America’s nationwide network of DC Fast Charging stations, making it even easier to recharge your VW.

Where Are the Closest EV Charging Stations near Me?

Reach out to our local VW dealer to learn more about the closest EV charging stations nearby. Whether you’re visiting us from the St. Louis area or elsewhere in Missouri, there’s sure to be an electric car charging station right in your backyard!